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Living Legends 7 was Chock Full of Paintball Celebs!

Living Legends Blog Art   Facebook resized 600
The Greg Hastings’ Tour of Duty 2014 BLOG
Brought to you by Tippmann. Sports, GI Sportz, R7,  and my latest video game, Fields of Battle.  A very special thanks from me, goes out to those guys for giving me the tools to bring you fun paintball adventures.
In the Spirits of what TOUR OF DUTY means, we are proud to highlight my friends, the great fields who host us, the teams who accept me and the players who make me such a better player and enhance my game experiences!  
Oh yeah, it’s the seventh iteration of Living Legends, at the world famous Challenge Park Extreme in Joliet, IL.  This event is all about OLD SCHOOL, mixed with new school.  This event has attracted many players and notable industry people who have had a very positive influence in driving our sport, from way back heroes like Bud Orr, to my old team mate Pete “Mr. U” Utschig, to Tha Wolf, as well as, Mike Phillips and Kitty Wandel, who are some of today’s positive forces in paintball.
Check out some down the barrel action footage here:

Tippinators Paintball Team review the new Crossover XVR

Crossover XVRTippmann expanded on the Crossover platform by listening to feedback from players.


New ‘Crossover XVR’ Integrates Ten Performance Upgrades

Crossover XVR color options

Tippmann builds upon its Crossover platform after securing feedback from tournament players

  Fort Wayne, Ind. Tippmann is excited to introduce the XVR, a specially-enhanced version of the company’s Crossover marker. Launched last year, the original Crossover appealed more to woodsball players seeking a marker offering the ability to ‘crossover’ into tournament-style play. But, the new XVR takes Tippmann performance to an entirely new level and was developed based on feedback and suggestions secured by the company from speedball players worldwide. The result is an exciting new paintball marker specifically designed to deliver during tournament-style play.

Chris Coolen Takes Over as Tippinators Head Coach

Coolen to Coach TippinatorsThe Tippinators are excited to announce that Chris Coolen has agreed to coach the Tippinators speedball team through the rebuilding process this season.

Coolen is a former CXBL All Star with many years of paintball experience to pass on to a young group of eager players.

"I came to the Tippinators last season because I wanted to return to the real reason I play paintball - to have fun with a good group of guys but maintain a competitive balance." Coolen said.

Coolen has always been friends with Tippinator players and joined the team in 2012. "The Tippinators have always had an outstanding reputation as a first class, professionally organized team whose players are always seen smiling and enjoying the moment. That is what any sport should be about." Coolen remarked of the team. "For me to reach out to the team and ask to play last season was a no brainer."

For an exceptionally talented player, playing at the highest level in the country to hang up his cleats to coach a rebuilding team is a exception to the rule.

"Two years ago I suffered a torn ACL in my right knee," Coolen explained "Although I did play 2011 in the CXBL and 2012 in the MXL the injury has really taken its toll on me and that was a big factor in my decision to coach."

The Tippinators are getting a coach with a proven track record. Coolen coached in the past with the original Hammonds Plains team many of whom went on to become great players.

Of the teams he has coached in the past Coolen said "Seeing positive growth and transformation in the players makes coaching such a great experience. I really just want to pass on my knowledge and experiences so that they can get the most enjoyment out of the sport as possible."

Coolen is eager to get on the field with the Tippinators. "I want to bring out the best in the new Tipp players, identify where existing players can improve."

The goals for the team are simple. "We are going to set our sights high for the season and to be competitive. I want to coach a group of players that are going to take paintball as seriously as any other sport and who have the drive and hunger to be successful." Coolen commented

For Coolen the expression "work hard, play hard" comes to mind when he thinks of moulding a new team. The hard part he knows is in striking the perfect balance between fun and success. Coolen also knows that "If everyone can buy into the same system good things will come."

Bad Karma Paintball Team Trys Out The New Tippmann Crossover Trigger

bk crossover trigger resized 600

Contributed by Jared "Bad Karma Six" Bronson, Team Commander of the Bad Karma Paintball Team

New Trigger Upgrade for Tippmann Crossover Marker


Last year we launched the Crossover marker – a lightweight, high performance electro-pneumatic marker designed to perform for all paintball players regardless of conditions or style of play. Today, we are excited to introduce an upgraded trigger for the marker, which provides a “lighter” and more responsive pull.

Paintball Players Get Ready...Crossover is now $349!

Crossover More Affordable

Paintball players get ready. Last year, we launched our revolutionary Crossover marker – a lightweight, high performance electro-pneumatic marker designed to perform for all players regardless of conditions or style of play. Today, we are excited to announce that the price of the Crossover will be dropping to $349 – making the industry-leading technology even more accessible to players everywhere.

Tippmann and Greg Hastings to Continue Promoting Paintball Around the World

Tippmann Challenge Tour Of Duty Banner2013

Effort includes support of 2013 Tour of Duty as well as Tippmann’s Crossover and new Intrepid goggle

An Alternate Use For Your Tippmann Paintball Gun

001 nate resized 600

Contributed by Chris "Mr. Glass" Frank, Co-Founder of the Bad Karma Paintball Team

Paintball Gun Maintenance - Tips From Eric Engler



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