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8 things to think about for Paintball Scenario Night Games.

Paintball Night Game

The only thing I like as much as playing scenario paintball during the day is playing scenario paintball at night.  When dusk arrives, I get that giddy feeling that the night play is just around the corner.  I don't know why, but there is something exhilarating about running around in the woods at night.  Not to mention that the temperatures drop and a cool breeze ensues.  Sometimes its pitch black and you cannot see much. But often times, the moon is out and you can see quite well.  After a few minutes of darkness, your eyes will adjust and you might be surprised how well you can see.  Not to mention that the night games allows you to play your favorite hobby that much longer!  Why stop after dinner break?

For many, paintball ends before the night games begin.  The number of players dwindle for the night games and some just refuse to play during the night altogether.  Understandably, the two biggest reasons I hear for players not playing the night games are:

1) Mask fogging

Many players have issues with their masks fogging.  However, a quality dual pane thermal lens mask will usually resolve this issue.  Maybe apply some anti-fog spray as well.  For some, mask fans work wonders even though they can be noisy.  For me, none of those solutions have worked.  The only solution I have found to prevent fogging is to lightly coat the inside of my mask lens with baby shampoo.  I have also used the defogging gel that scuba divers use.  That worked too, but the baby shampoo was easier to apply.  So, there. Problem solved!

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