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Tippmann Crossover Named Marker of the Year by APG Magazine

Posted by Erich Garbers on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 @ 02:39 PM

New demo program also launched at participating paintball dealers and fields

Tippmann Sports is pleased to announce that its Crossover paintball marker has been named “Marker of the Year” by APG Magazine. This designation was established to help recognize the most innovative new paintball products launched in 2012. The Crossover is one of just three products to be recognized this year and the only electro-pneumatic paintball marker in the group. In related news, Tippmann is introducing a new demo program for the Crossover, which allows interested players to sample the marker in a real-world setting prior to purchase.

From APG Magazine:  “One feature that is probably the most interesting is the ability to switch from electronic to mechanical.  You ask yourself how often you will do that…and  you realize the answer is a lot.”  With many scenario games lasting anywhere from 8 - 24 hours, this feature truly separates this marker from all others.  With the Crossover, players now have two great choices. For players who want the ability to modify their marker to their own unique look, there is Tippmann's X7 Phenom, but for those players looking for a lightweight marker they know can handle the rigors of woodsball and be used in a variety of game styles, the Crossover is a great new option to consider.

Based on the growing buzz and excitement about the Crossover, Tippmann wants to give interested players an opportunity to "test drive" it before purchasing. To do this, Tippmann has partnered with dealers around the globe on a new demo program, which lets players use the Crossover and get a true feel for its unmatched durability and lightweight design. Tippmann is confident that anyone who demos the marker will be impressed because it’s a technological advancement that gives all players the ability to go harder than before, while traveling lighter than ever.

Launched in early 2012, the Crossover is a high performance electro-pneumatic paintball marker designed to perform for players regardless of conditions or style of play. At the heart of the Crossover beats the latest iteration of Tippmann’s FlexValve – the exclusive industry technology that allows players to switch from electronic to mechanical mode on the fly, with just the flip of a switch. For additional details about the Crossover or the new demo program, please call 1-800 -533 -4831 or visit today. Demo locations to be added soon.

Watch for this new sign at a local paintball dealer near you!

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Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund Gains Industry Support

Posted by Erich Garbers on Fri, Oct 05, 2012 @ 02:41 PM

Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund

Old Hickory, Tennessee, USA


The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship is pleased to announce ongoing efforts to build the fund continue to meet with resounding successes. Recent big games to include the Tippmann World Challenge at Hell's Survivors in Pinckney, Michigan and Fall Castle Conquest at EMR Paintball in New Milford, Pennsylvania have seen fundraising activities at both. Fully $350 and $381 respectively were raised at the games which go a long way towards an ongoing continuation of building the fund.

"Once again the EMR Family shows that even in these hard times, they have the heart to give to help others, especially within our sport. They never cease to make me proud." mentioned Blue Hanse of EMR regarding the fund raising there. Very special thanks to both Dave Massey of Hell's Survivors and Blue Hanse of EMR and the paintball communities attending the games for their support.

Once again the scholarship not only supports youth and education all in the name of paintball, it will serve as a lasting legacy for the father of paintball Mr. Bob Gurnsey. Both paintball manufacturers and the paintball community itself continue to amaze with generous contributions from across North America. Every little bit helps and as more time passes, it will be the responsibility of the committee and the paintball community at large to insure the fund is both maintained and built to sustain many generations wanting a post secondary education to come.
The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund executive committee is particularly thankful for such companies as Tippmann Sports, Valken Sports,, NPPL, CIA and Planet Eclipse for their ongoing support of this initiative.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can mail a check or money order to;

The Bob Gurnsey Scholarship Fund
713 General Kershaw Dr.
Old Hickory, TN 37138

All donations are welcome and tax deductible, income tax receipts can be issued upon request, please be sure to make all cheques payable to “The Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund”

For more information on the Bob Gurnsey Paintball Scholarship Fund, be sure to visit
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Buy A New Marker in 2012 & Get A Free Harness

Posted by Erich Garbers on Tue, Oct 02, 2012 @ 02:43 PM

Special Bonus for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Buy a new, qualifying Tippmann marker by December 31, and you will receive a free harness, compliments of Tippmann.

U.S. Residents
With the purchase of select Tippmann 98 Custom or A-5 markers, U.S. customers who qualify for this rebate will receive one NXe 4-Pod Harness-SP Series. With the purchase of select U.S. Army Alpha Black markers, customers who qualify for this rebate will receive one 4+1 U.S. Army Harness.  To apply online for your free harness, please click here.

Canada Residents
With the purchase of select Tippmann 98 Custom or A-5 markers, Canadian customers who qualify for this rebate will receive one NXe 4-Pod Harness-SP Series. With the purchase of select TPN Bravo One markers, customers who qualify for this rebate will receive one Tippmann 4+1 Deluxe Harness.  To apply online for your free harness, please click here.

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FT-12 Review by Colin Abernethy

Posted by Erich Garbers on Mon, Oct 01, 2012 @ 05:53 PM

I want to let you know a little about me so you can see where the FT-12 review comes from as far as my experience.  I spent my college years working as a paintball tech for The Dragon's Den in Poughkeepsie, NY.

While in college I bought my first Tippmann, a used Pro-Lite, and then went on to not only master the care and repair of it, but also the Carbine series, the Model 98 and its successors and most of the older Tippmanns including the Factory F/A and even a few SMGs.  I also dealt with the full lines of Kingman, AGD, WGP, and WDP markers as well as some of the lesser known companies like Mokal, ICD, and the like.  In short, if it shot paint and was powered by CO2 or HPA/N2, I sold it, used it, and fixed it.  I played tournament ball in college as the captain of The Culinary Institute of America's NCPA paintball team and played NPPL sanctioned tournaments in the North East with my store's team.  These days I just play recreational paintball, both woodsball and speedball, whenever I get the chance (which is about once a month.)

That said, here are my thoughts on the FT-12.

From the field/rental perspective:

The short of it is this;  I wish I had this thing in my rental fleet back when I worked in the paintball industry.  Until the advent of the FT-12, the easiest marker to deal with from a rental aspect was the Pro-Lite.  While it probably isn't a Tippmann sanctioned method of cleaning a marker, most fields simply slid the fore-grip forward and hosed out the breech and barrel and then shot a little marker oil into the ASA and dry-fired it dry. With the receiver being a solid piece and inline, there really wasn't much to go wrong if water got worked rearward from the breach. This obviously isn't an option for the '98 which had far looser tolerances and tons of gaps inside the marker.

Now, I know that there isn't much that water can do to a CVX valve, but we had issues with springs rusting out, especially the front sight spring, with the 98. So when we had to open the clamshell up to thoroughly clean things, or replace worn out parts, it was a hassle.

The FT-12 definitely removes the chance of shooting springs across the workshop when opening the marker up. The cleanup is everything it is advertised to be, and quite honestly, after my day of play (with a motorized hopper) there wasn't much to clean up anyway. I don't know what the plans are with the trigger group as I haven't “putzed” around with it yet (but will try to this weekend) so I'm not sure how easy it would be to rebuild, but knowing that it's a drop-in system, it means as a theoretical field owner, I'd be able to keep a few spares ready to go to just drop right in should something go bad. That would mean less down time for my markers, and less down time = more markers on the field = more money in my pocket. I also like the durability you've kept with this marker. It feels rugged and stable. What's more, the looks of it really appealed to a lot of the rental players on the field when I had it out. There was quite a bit of "marker envy" going on, even with the walk-on Mil-Sim crowd. Finally, it's an easy one to break down in the field. As a theoretical ref, I'd be able to pull it apart right there in the dead-zone and make o-ring changes or other fairly simple repairs that I would have had to send the marker back to the armory to deal with if it was a model '98 or Pro-Lite. This is huge as the more time I can keep players on the field and in the game, the more paint they shoot, and again, the more money I have in my pocket at the end of the day. I also like that the velocity screw is now horizontal. This means less chance of it falling out in the field.

I had multiple velocity adjustment screws go missing from my pro-lite after a long day of playing, and the same would go for the rental fleet of 98's I maintained. It just feels more solidly in place and less prone to falling out from vibration.

As a player:

First and foremost, you get points for style. It's got a great look to it without being over-the-top mil-sim.  I like the compactness of the marker. It allows for better "tucking in" when hiding behind cover compared to a lot of the contemporary markers out there. I really like how sturdy the top-cocking lever is.  ACI had attempted this years ago with the F4-Illustrator, but it was flimsy and never really worked well. The finish on the barrel is definitely better than the old '98 stock barrel, but I'd like to see a slightly smaller bore size for the retail version of the marker. While the stock accuracy is definitely better than previously, it still doesn't stand up to a lot of other stock barrel offerings out there (albeit in slightly higher-end marker classes). I also really like the new quick-release system for the feed neck.  No more springs to worry about, and it is definitely secure with even the most vigorous activity.  The blade trigger with its 1-1/2 finger length is fantastic as well. It prevented me from getting fatigued in my hand even in the heaviest of firefights. Overall, it's a very good, rugged marker that will definitely appeal to first-time buyers and the mil-sim crowd. It'll definitely remain in my lineup for my trips to the field!

Thoughts for the future:

I'd love to see this thing get an e-trigger. as compact and SMG-stylized as it is, it'd make a wonderful CQB marker for close encounters in house assaults, "castle" games, etc. I'd also like to see Tippmann offer some higher-end barrels for it, but keep the length short like it is for the stock barrel. A little smaller bore size with a mirror-like finish would definitely help in the overall accuracy while keeping it compact. Something an aftermarket barrel will lose with a 12",14", or greater length. I'd also like to see a folding stock developed for it. Keep that Uzi/MAC-10 feel with the wire-folder that tucks underneath or over-top. Perhaps you could incorporate it into the cut-out for the "barrel sock" cord at the back of the flip-top. Finally, I think that you could probably do well making other style uppers for this thing. It'd be a huge "pro" for milsim players to be able to swap out the flip-top on the fly to change up their marker for different scenarios. You could have the sub-machinegun style for CQB, you could have AR or Bullpup style flip-tops for in-the-field action, and even heavy machinegun flip-tops for those heavy-support players.

All in all, I think Tippmann has done a pretty good job on the FT-12.  It's a great one for the field owners, and as a retail offering.


Colin Abernethy
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X7 Phenom M16 Edition Now Available

Posted by Erich Garbers on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 @ 02:50 PM

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U.S. Army Paintball Line Continues to Grow

Posted by Erich Garbers on Wed, Aug 15, 2012 @ 03:05 PM

Since 2008, the U.S. Amy Paintball line of markers (TPN for our international friends) has become one of the most popular brands in paintball, next  to Tippmann, of course. The reason for this success is simple--the U.S. Army Paintball line of markers provides the best combination of performance, quality and value for players looking for a true military look right out of the box.

From beginners looking for a great value to seasoned players looking to add to their collection of markers, the U.S. Army line of markers is a great addition to any game.

Project Salvo

The U.S. Army Project Salvo features a true milsim look with proven performance and reliability that is easy to customize and upgrade.   The Project Salvo includes a collapsible/folding stock, four rails on the shroud and a high performance 11" ported barrel. It has the ability to accept an electronic trigger kit, Response trigger and the Cyclone Feed System.
MSRP:  $149

Alpha Black

The U.S. Army Alpha Black tactical marker has a realistic military appearance that is ready to go right out of the box. It features a six position collapsible stock, front M16 style shroud and removable M16 style magazine with a tool kit inside.  It also features the proven inline bolt system and a durable aluminum receiver with integrated carry handle.
MSRP:  Starting at $129

Carver One

The U.S. Army Carver One is a compact milsim marker at an affordable price.  It features the proven inline bolt system and 8 ½” ported barrel.  The aluminum receiver provides durability and the marker’s standard feactures include four rails to add sights and scopes, built-in shroud and sling mounts, and an ergonomic front handle for comfort and control.
MSRP:  Starting at $99

To purchase your own U.S. Army Paintball marker, use the button below.

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The return of the CPX Sports Windy City Classic Paintball Event

Posted by Erich Garbers on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 03:39 PM

CPX Sports is proud to announce the return of its one day big game, The Windy City Classic, brought to you by Tippmann Sports.

The Windy City Classic will be a Big Game style format with several fields turned into one. There will be two large teams, that will have a command center and battle for control of areas of the field for points. The game will be hours long. If you get eliminated, you just go back to your command center to the insertion area to come back into the game. The insertion gates will open every 10 minutes. At the end of the game, we will have the final battle called “City Wars.” The battle will be between our famous fields of the Town of Bedlam and Armageddon. To score points, each team will have to control the flag station on the hill between the two fields. The final battle is one hour of the craziest and most intense paintball on the planet!

The Red Team will be led by Jon “LJ” Woodley of Houston Heat. Houston Heat is currently in first place of the professional division of the PSP. His XO (executive officer) will be Living Legends winning general , D.J. “Honu” Fox, of Team Ohana PB.

The Blue Team will be led by Dan Colby of Immortal Air. Dan Colby is a legend in the paintball industry helping to bring compressed air to the masses under a previous company called Air America. He has been an integral part of the paintball industry for decades. His XO (executive officer) will be the famous Mike Phillips of TechPB.

If you have never played a Big Game or a Scenario Game, the Windy City Classic is a great way to check out the format, make new friends, and most of all, to have a great time. We hope to see you all there!

WHEN: Sunday, August 19

WHERE: CPX Sports in Joliet, IL

TIME: 10:00 am until 6:00 pm


Online Pre-Registration: $25

Day of Admission: $35

Online Pre-Purchase Event Paint: $60 per case

Day-of Event Paint: $70 per case

Pre-Registration ends August 13!!

Want to win a new Crossover or an X7 Phenom? Simply pre-register for the CPX Sports, Inc Windy City Classic and you could win your choice from a random draw of all early registrations.

To register, please visit the CPX Sports web site.

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NXe Debuts Two New Paintball Gear Bags

Posted by Erich Garbers on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 03:30 PM

NXe Paintball has released two new gear bags for this fall. The launch showcases the return of the NXe Executive Gear Bag, the ultimate in paintball luggage, and the new lightweight versatile NXe Duffle Bag.

NXe Executive Roller Bag

The latest generation of the Executive Roller Bag continues the tradition of great gear bags from NXe. By focusing on the features that top paintball players demand and eliminating non-essential elements, NXe has created a gear bag whose performance is second to none.

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Tippmann FT-12 Flip-Top Paintball Marker Now Available

Posted by Erich Garbers on Tue, Aug 07, 2012 @ 03:49 PM

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Monster Game at Hell Survivors

Posted by Erich Garbers on Mon, Aug 06, 2012 @ 03:56 PM

July 28 – 29, 2012

The Monster Game at Hell Survivors sponsored by Tippmann Sports featured Bob Long & Pete Utschig (Mr. U) as opposing generals.  It was a fun weekend of paintball with good competition & great Michigan weather. Over 900 players on two teams played the Monster Game format.  The Monster Game features a one of a kind computer scored format that is the brainchild of the field owners, Dave Massey and Ed Stapleton.  A barcode on every player card is scanned when the player enters the field, giving points to the other side for that player’s point value. The higher the rank, the more points that player is worth.  The automated scoring system tracks the team’s score in real-time. On the field, each base is worth one point per minute, and is called in by the referees on the hour & added to the respective team’s score that holds the base.

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