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Posted by Marcos Salvatierra on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 05:40 PM


Let me introduce you my buddies, Partisanos Paintball Team, one of the biggest teams in Argentina. With more than 50 active players from four different provinces (Catamarca, La Rioja, Santiago del Estero y Tucuman). We are mostly involved in Extreme Paintball (those 20hrs. games presented before in another post) and say mostly because we train by playing woodsball and also got some dudes doing his first steps in Speedball


Many names were in the table at the time to choose one...We finally choose the name Partisanos because in our beginnings we were a few guys, badly dressed, poorly armed and without ranks, just like the partisans in World War II


Team 2 playing Terrorist rol in a joint exercise with Ejercito Argentino

"Team 2" playing Terrorist rol in a joint exercise with Ejercito Argentino


Story began back in 2006, since then we are making friends and "spreading the word" along and across the whole country...We are founding members of AREA (Argentinian Xtreme Recball   Association) and to the day we are organizing in November, the last AREA´s game of the year in a desert terrain. Besides those activities...paintball related...we also often colaboratte with Police forces and Argentina´s Army by doing joint trainings and maneuvers, taking this passion for the Milsim at his highest level.

Sometimes we also get involved in community services such as clothes´ recollection in case of natural dissasters or even civics parades when some government authority invites us...everything to promote paintball among "infidels"!

Partisanos in civic parade with his younger member as standard-bearer


Partisanos in civic parade with his younger member as standard-bearer

Inside Partisanos there are different kinds of players...weekend warriors, women, and...a children (Gerardo is 12 years old and he goes to all woodsball games with his father, being a fierce player, one of those you really want in your team and not to face) who is making his debut in a xtreme game in late November (playing past games he has played "hostage children" rols and was not "forced" to remain in the field till the 20th hour)

Gerardo, our youngest member

Gerardo, our youngest member

Special Forces is another branch in Partisanos´ tree, a group of people who assume a bigger commitment, both on game and in training activities...those who feels paintball not just as a hobby but a lifestyle, players who takes care of the most challenging missions in a 20 hours game...prepared specialists who carries GPS, NV´s and UHF communications in order to achieve the goal no matter what. Elite Players


"Dry" movements, trained by a Marine´s Lieutenant

Some Partisanos in road trip

Some Partisanos in road trip

cape cape2

Instruction with CAPE (La Rioja´s SWAT police team)

This is my team, my "chosen brothers" and in the future I´m going to be telling you, from time to time, about some stories and activities we face throughout the year as a Milsim Team

Thanks so much for stopping by

Marcos "MaC" Salvatierra

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