Paintball Gun Maintenance - Tips From Eric Engler

Posted by Eric Engler on Thu, Dec 13, 2012 @ 11:14 AM


noun \ˈmānt-nən(t)s, ˈmān-tə-nən(t)s\

Definition of MAINTENANCE

1: the act of maintaining : the state of being maintained : support

2: something that maintains

3: the upkeep of property or equipment


So what is maintenance to you?

Do you maintain your equipment or do you wait to be surprised on the field with a marker that will not fire?

Your paintball marker is the probably the most important piece of equipment that you take on the field with you other than your paintball mask.

You would be surprised at how many players I see at each game with guns that won’t shoot. I’m not talking about players with markers that won’t hit what they are shooting at because of dirty barrels or bad paint. But their markers don’t fire at all. I often see them sitting at a table, on their tailgate or walking on and off the field hoping someone will notice and help them out because they have no idea how to make it go "bang". If they are lucky enough to be at a big game they may find help from one of the vendors.

scottyI have seen Scotty from Tippmann work on markers from sun up to well past sundown without a break making peoples markers work so they can get back on the field. Many players owe a great weekend play to his expertise (this player included)!

Are you one of these players? How often do you look at your marker to see if you need to fix something before it breaks? Have you ever taken your marker apart? Do you have your manual and the proper tools to work on it? Is there paint still dripping from it from the last game? Do you need a hammer to get the bolt to slide (i have seen guns this bad).

You are in luck!

There are online manuals, videos, and forums to go to online with all sorts of help if you get yourself stuck. (select tech support) is a great place to start but Google and YouTube are also great places to look for help.

Most parts replacement are available from your local dealer or you can also find them online.  

Are you ready for the next game? Will your marker shoot?  There is no time like the present to learn how to work on your marker.

So now it’s up to you… clean out all that old nasty broken paint and get that marker shooting again.

Place safe and play with Honor


--Engler OUT


Eric Engler is the owner of Engler Custom Paintball Guns and can be reached through his website at



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