Bad Karma Paintball Team Trys Out The New Tippmann Crossover Trigger

Posted by Bad Karma Paintball Team on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 @ 12:55 PM

Contributed by Jared "Bad Karma Six" Bronson, Team Commander of the Bad Karma Paintball Team

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The feel of your trigger is extremely important to your overall experience with your paintball marker and how it responds on the field. You never want to feel you are fighting your marker to get a shot off or put paint on your target. On the other side of things, you never want to worry about it accidentally firing. There is a sweet spot for every person.
If there has been any complaint about the Tippmann Crossover, it’s that the stock trigger is a little stiff. Most high end electronic guns have a very fluid trigger that lets you rip off shots and capitalize on quick fingers. In looking at the new Crossover trigger, Bad Karma was hoping for better, almost hairpin responsiveness when firing and smoother return of the trigger for successive shots. While helping with all firing modes, a good trigger will really help you make the most out of ramp and response modes.

The Verdict

After putting the new crossover trigger through its paces, Bad Karma found it made a huge difference. It is considerably lighter than the old trigger and helps you capitalize on the Crossover’s potential. In terms of installation, it only took 5 minutes. It is much closer to other electronic marker triggers now, and a huge improvement over the previous trigger. Highly recommended.

If you have been holding off getting a Tippmann Crossover, be aware they are now shipping with the new trigger. It’s a great time to get one.

If you currently own a Tippmann Crossover, you can get your FREE trigger upgrade here:

Click here for your Free  Crossover Trigger Upgrade Kit

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