What makes a Tippmann paintball marker so cool?

Posted by Eric Engler on Mon, Apr 29, 2013 @ 11:42 AM

Tippmann has been an industry leader almost since the beginning of our sport, bringing to the market products time after time that are reliable and almost indestructible. Odds are that the marker you hit the field with the first time was a Tippmann.

But one thing that keeps people coming back time and time again to Tippmann is the reliability and the ability to customize your Tippmann marker and make it your own. People have been painting, cutting, gluing, welding and adding parts to their Tippmann for as long as they have been coming off the line.

This is what started Engler Custom Paintball Guns and what keeps us going today. What makes your marker yours and not some off the shelf marker? That you added to your Tippmann? I love seeing what others are doing with their markers.

I will show you some of the markers here we have done over the years, I love seeing what others are doing with theirs. Hit me up on our Facebook page and show us your mods!

TiPX Pistol

Custom TiPX shaved with custom grips for my daughter Sarah

TiPX Pistol

Engler “Sarge”Kit on a tan TiPX

TiPX Pistol

Marine Modified TiPX

98 Custom Engler Battle Rifle on a 98 Custom

X7 Phenom

M3 Grease Gun on a Phenom

X7 Phenom

Engler M1 Garand with a Tippmann Phenom

X7 Phenom

An Engler Minimalist Phenom (3lbs)


Engler ACR Tippmann Phenom

X7 Phenom

A Mini-Gun with a Center Feed Phenom inside

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