Tips to keep your paintball marker running like new

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Simple maintenance tips by Ken Farris, owner of

Basics of Paintball Maintenance.

The two most common questions I hear from a paintball gun owner is “What do I need to do to maintain it?” and “It leaks or doesn’t shoot; how do I fix it?”  These few basic questions are answered here.

Maintaining your paintball gun is pretty easy.  You can actually cause more harm doing too much than too little with a Tippmann paintball gun. 

Maintain your Tippmann marker

Rules to keep your gun running:

1)      Don’t get it real wet or pack mud and dirt in it.  Face planting your gun into the dirt or stream will require you to take apart your gun, scoop out the mud, and wipe off the water.

2)      Don’t take your gun apart more than you need to.  You are more likely to have a problem losing, incorrectly assembling, or stripping out the bolts with the Allen tool.

3)      Never use oil that isn’t made for paintball guns.  The wrong oil can destroy your O-rings.

4)      Only use enough oil on your gun to coat the seals.  Extra oil will just collect dirt (see rule #1).

5)      Wipe down the outside of your gun after playing for the day.  Paint left on your gun will be hard to remove if not wiped down.

6)      Remove your barrel and clean with a squeegee.  Using water is also ok after each day you play.  Paint build up inside the barrel will make your gun inaccurate.

Maintain your Tippmann marker

Diagnosing your gun problem.  

(Yes, the first steps are very basic, but these really are the most common problems.)

1)      Take the barrel off the gun.  This helps prevent you from firing that paintball you were sure wasn’t loaded when you test the gun.

2)       Make sure your CO2 bottle (or Air bottle) is not empty or has a valve problem.  Try a different bottle.  Don’t test our gun with a remote line attached.  The problem could be the remote line.

3)      If your gun uses a battery, replace it.

4)      If the gun leaks near the bottle, check the CO2 bottle O-ring.  These go bad often.

5)      If the gun fires like it is a full auto (and it isn’t) refer to step #2 and #3 then fire the gun with the CO2 bottle upside down. This dumps liquid CO2 into the gun and increases the pressure.  If the gun fires correctly when you do this, your problem is most likely the O-rings.  Replace the front and rear bolt O-ring.  Clean the inside and re-oil.  If the gun continues to fire full auto, your problem is most likely mechanical.  The problem is probably with the sear or trigger system and rear bolt.

6)      If balls are rolling out your barrel, check your ball detent.  It may need to be replaced.

The above rules will cover 95% of all your paintball problems.  Still need help?  Know that Tippmann has the best warranty of any paintball manufacturer.  Still worried?  Know that your Tippmann is the only gun that you can probably get away with not cleaning at all… and it will still work a year later. I have been guilty of this.

Tippmann parts

Ken Farris is the owner of Tippmann Parts, an authorized retailer and service center for Tippmann products, using the name Tippmann with the permission of Tippmann Sports.  Ken has been working on and maintaining Tippmann paintball guns since 1988.



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