Big changes for the 2014 Euro Big Game

Posted by Ron Goldblatt on Sun, Dec 15, 2013 @ 04:25 PM

Fabian Grützer reviews the many changes to the 2014 Euro Big Game.

The big event is not until 29/05/14, but why wait and register now!

Some of you may have seen our new flyers and posters at the X-Days last weekend and maybe had a chat with the EBG-Crew. For all of you, who didn’t make it to the paintball fair, here’s an overview over the upcoming events and recent changes in the European Big Game Series.

For more information or to register, click here.

Like some of you may have seen already, we are going to walk a new path with a new scenario, that reflects the history of our paintball field– a former russian airbase in the eastern part of Germany. Details about the storyline are going to be released within the next weeks on this site.

Another big change is the fix membership of the players in a team: On registration, each player can choose the side he wants to play on, and he will remain on that team for the whole event. But be aware: the team-bound tickets are limited - if they are sold out, there are only "neutral" tickets left, that is, the player will be assigned to any team according to the actual situation. But "neutral" players can particiapte in special missions that are held at the event.

Euro Big Game
But that's not all. The main event in may will have led units, with challenging missions and special abilities. Every player can decide how deep he wants to be in missions and storyline: regular players don't receive missions, aside from capturing flags or positions.
Large, led units with 50 players will receive storyline-relevant missions. And then there are special forces: small groups, that have to solve difficult missions close to the other team without being caught, to gain advantages for their own side. Every player can report to the Orga at the event and enlist in one of the units. The units as well as their tasks and special abilities will be announced within the next weeks.

We also optimized gameplay for a less static, more tense game and -for example- sped up re-entry to the game: the distances to the next respawn-point are way shorter now. Of course we will have a critical view on the paint. Due to the missing holiday in september, the event will be shorter than before. On the other hand, there are two new events coming up! Further improvements, like enhancing marshal communications, will be made until may. Of course we will keep you up-to-date!

Euro Big Game
The EuroBigGame-season 2014 does not only has a lot of changes in the gameplay, but a lot MORE gameplay as well: 4 events are waiting for you!

  • the main event with 1500 players from may 29th to june 1st.
  • "The Camp" from july 12th to 13th.: 24h-game at full moon (500 player max.)
  • "classic" EuroBigGame from september 12th to 14th: different story and no units like the main event (500 player max.)
  • EBG SpecOps from october 4th to 5th: full-scenario-event. Camo mandatory! (500 player max.)

With all these changes we want to create an interesting EuroBigGame for all players. The possibilities we gain from the changes are very exciting, and we can't wait for the season 2014 to begin!

Euro Big Game

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