Paintball Tips from the Tippinators

Posted by Ron Goldblatt on Thu, Dec 26, 2013 @ 12:08 PM

Tippmann is pleased to promote a great idea from Bruce Johnston of the Tippinators that share paintball playing tips to new players using short animated videos. This series will pass on tips and tactics in such a way as to entertain while making paintballers a little better.  

Episode III - Bounding Overwatch

The Tippinators take paintball training to a whole new level.  This third paintball tip is about the basic team tactic, the Bounding Overwatch. This is a fun way to look at the game and great for new or avid players.  

 Watch for more videos coming soon!

Episode II - A.C.T Safely

This second is a reminder of field safety for current players and to let non players know how exactly safe paintball actually is compared to other sports.


Episode I - Fire and Move - The Key to Winning Paintball

This first episode Bruce from the Tippinators talks about the critical part safety plays within the sport, and one simple rule that keeps us all safe while we play. 


Who are the Tippinators

The Tippinators are a competitive paintball team in Nova Scotia, Canada, who use the Tippmann X7 Phenom and the Crossover XVR. The team strongly believes that honesty, integrity, fair play and having fun are more important than the outcome of a game.

Tippinators Crossovers in Action

X7 Phenom and the Tippinators


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