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Posted by Marcos Salvatierra on Thu, Nov 01, 2012 @ 05:40 PM

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Rules for Xtreme Paintball

Posted by Marcos Salvatierra on Wed, Aug 08, 2012 @ 03:22 PM

Due to the success of the post about Xtreme paintball and all the questions received, here are the rules we use for the Argentinian Xtreme Recball Association's games.

1 Introduction
To be considered as a Xtreme Paintball, the game must last 20 or more hours, but specially it's a game with some rigid rules. An Xtreme Game could have some particular rules according to the given situation, but always considering that the leitmotif is: Realism.

It's a player's obligation to know the rules beforehand.

2 Ribbon

In every Xtreme Game, only those players who stay till the end of the event will receive a standardized “ribbon” (1.81 in x 0.39 in metal pin with the country's flag at left, game's name, place and year). The ribbon's delivery is mandatory for all games.

3 Game rules

3.1 Gear

Each player must carry everything he is going to need since the H hour; it´s mandatory to start with all the gear needed. It´s strictly forbidden to hide things in the field before the game begins.

3.2 Safe Zones

Where possible, the organization must avoid setting Safe Zones for organizational purposes, where a player can stay, rest or leave equipment.

3.3 Interacting with the enemy

 It's strictly forbidden to speak, yell or have any kind of interaction with a contender to tell him he is out or do anything that you can't do in real combat (complaints will be presented after the game).

3.4 Trenches

All trenches or covers used by a player must be made of materials provided by the surrounding terrain: Stones, branchs, trees, dug out holes, sand bags, etc…

3.5 Fair Play

 Xtreme games are games of honesty. Sometimes the field has hundreds of acres so referees can´t cover all. It´s on your own to do or not to do it the wrong way, but a cheater would be excluded in the next event.

4 Casualties

You're out if you get hit or you get painted…it´s the same thing. If you are playing painted and a referee finds out…you're out even if that is an old hit. So you can´t play painted; clean yourself before you reincorporate into the game after being out.

If you get hit in the middle of a gun fight, you stay down until you can get out of the zone without disturbing the game.

You can't simulate to be out of game.

You can be out…

4.1 Behind Enemy Lines

Man gets hit, raises his hands, says out loud “out!” and walks behind friendly lines 50 yards, without speaking to active players, for 10 minutes. If an opponent or a referee asks him to move to another place, he must do it.

4.2 Predetermined Zones

Organizers can define one or more “out zones,” depending on the needs (you can't leave equipment here; if found, it can be confiscated).

Urban Game 2009

5 Seizures

Once in the field, a player can leave equipment hidden, but there's always the danger of it being seized by the enemy. Anyone who seizes any kind of equipment can´t use it. If a man's out, he can´t carry his own equipment or that left behind by a teammate, just the gear he has on at the moment of being hit.

There are different kinds of seizure…organizers can use any of this.

5.1 Custody

Seizure is made by guarding the enemy equipment no more than seven yards away and with direct sight to it. Custody can´t move the gear more than three yards from the original place it was found. Gear can't be recovered or used until all the guards are out. (You can use this system for extra ammo recovery missions).

5.2 Simulated destruction

Destruction will be simulated by using duct tape around the gear or spreading foot powder on it. This gear is out of the game until the end. It´s considered a major penalty to break this rule. The only exception allowed is to take medicines out of the gear.

6 Expulsions

To get a “ribbon” symbolizes not only that you have completed the game but also you have achieved the goals about camaraderie,  respect and security.

6.1 By a major penalty

If any players fail in safety rules, fair play or show bad behavior, they can be expelled by their CO or a Referee.

6.2 By provision or quit

He who gives himself or another player goods from “Safe Zones” or stays in those places is automatically out of play, as well as those who cross any field boundaries.

6.3 By breaking the rule of seized equipment
Use or movement of seized equipment (his own or not) is considered as provision and is cause for expelling.

7 Prisoners

There are many situations in which a player can be taken as prisoner.

7.1 Player in tent

If anyone is caught inside a tent, he can´t shoot out nor can the others shoot in. That player remains in custody until his captor decides to leave, gets hit or the prisoner makes his way out without been discovered. The prisoner can´t shoot his gun until an active teammate touches him.

7.2 Player without mask

Anyone caught without a mask on or with the mask lifted can be expelled. As an alternative, he can be taken prisoner along with all those around him. It doesn´t matter if those around him have a mask on. They can be released as in 7.1.

7.3 Player out of game

Anyone caught out of boundaries or in Safe Zones can be expelled. As an alternative, he can be taken prisoner along with all those around him. It doesn´t matter if those around him have a mask on. They can be released as in 7.1.

8 Safety considerations

Each one is responsible for setting his gun below 300fps before beginning. A Referee can randomly select a player to check it.

Remember, combat begins at the first step in the field; a mask is mandatory in the game zone.

Sometimes the fields selected can be crossed by roads, rivers or paths. If any people outside the game is seen, the game freezes to avoid dangers until the situation is controlled.

For security reasons, it's forbidden to jam communications.

9 Fireworks

Organizers decide on this. If it's allowed, fireworks can't be thrown directly on persons or in closed rooms.

10 Referees

Referee´s task is to control the execution of “missions” and his development, timing and at last to control players. All complains about the contenders must be done between COs and a referee.

Referees can follow just one team (dressed with camouflage to avoid detection of the group) and in case of a gun fight pull out a colored identification.

COs are referees, too.

In case of minor penalties, a referee can take out a player or a group of players as a penalty. If the penalty is a major one, he can suspend a player for hours or indefinitely.

11 Flashlights

If the flashlight carrier get hits he can choose two ways:

Take the flashlight with him or leave it in the place.

If he chooses to leave it in place, he must turn it off, can´t move it or give it to a teammate. If the enemy reaches it before a teammate, it's seized and out of game.

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Argentinian Xtreme Paintball - A mix between paintball and survival

Posted by Erich Garbers on Thu, Aug 02, 2012 @ 04:11 PM

Mountain Game in 2011
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