Tips to keep your paintball marker running like new

Posted by Ron Goldblatt on Wed, Jul 10, 2013 @ 05:31 PM

Simple maintenance tips by Ken Farris, owner of

Basics of Paintball Maintenance.

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Tippmann Crossover Named Marker of the Year by APG Magazine

Posted by Erich Garbers on Tue, Oct 09, 2012 @ 02:39 PM

New demo program also launched at participating paintball dealers and fields

Tippmann Sports is pleased to announce that its Crossover paintball marker has been named “Marker of the Year” by APG Magazine. This designation was established to help recognize the most innovative new paintball products launched in 2012. The Crossover is one of just three products to be recognized this year and the only electro-pneumatic paintball marker in the group. In related news, Tippmann is introducing a new demo program for the Crossover, which allows interested players to sample the marker in a real-world setting prior to purchase.

From APG Magazine:  “One feature that is probably the most interesting is the ability to switch from electronic to mechanical.  You ask yourself how often you will do that…and  you realize the answer is a lot.”  With many scenario games lasting anywhere from 8 - 24 hours, this feature truly separates this marker from all others.  With the Crossover, players now have two great choices. For players who want the ability to modify their marker to their own unique look, there is Tippmann's X7 Phenom, but for those players looking for a lightweight marker they know can handle the rigors of woodsball and be used in a variety of game styles, the Crossover is a great new option to consider.

Based on the growing buzz and excitement about the Crossover, Tippmann wants to give interested players an opportunity to "test drive" it before purchasing. To do this, Tippmann has partnered with dealers around the globe on a new demo program, which lets players use the Crossover and get a true feel for its unmatched durability and lightweight design. Tippmann is confident that anyone who demos the marker will be impressed because it’s a technological advancement that gives all players the ability to go harder than before, while traveling lighter than ever.

Launched in early 2012, the Crossover is a high performance electro-pneumatic paintball marker designed to perform for players regardless of conditions or style of play. At the heart of the Crossover beats the latest iteration of Tippmann’s FlexValve – the exclusive industry technology that allows players to switch from electronic to mechanical mode on the fly, with just the flip of a switch. For additional details about the Crossover or the new demo program, please call 1-800 -533 -4831 or visit today. Demo locations to be added soon.

Watch for this new sign at a local paintball dealer near you!

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