Scenario paintball what is it?

Posted by Eric Engler on Thu, Oct 11, 2012 @ 06:07 PM

Wikipedia lists it as:

"Scenario paintball is a type of paintball game in which players participate in a scenario, or story; and may include historical re-enactments, futuristic or video game simulations. Games tend to last in the range of hours or days, and may include a large group of players."

But what is scenario paintball to you the player? What makes it fun for you? Is it missions, the theme behind the game, role playing taking orders from other players who have taken a leadership role and know what is really going on?

Sometimes the games can have meanings for players that only they and a few others know about because they have played a certain game for years with their friends. Some can even have deeper meetings like Invasion of Normandy and Oklahoma D-Day where the promoter and some players do their best to honor and respect those soldiers in real life that put their lives on the line to allow us to live the lives we do today.

I have had the honor of leading the 101 st Airborne at Oklahoma D-Day for the past 8 years. For four of these years we have had the honor of having 101 st Airborne Pathfinder Jake McNiece at the game. While in reaching 93 years old he could not make the field of play, he always finds time to speak to players about his role in WWII, his leadership skills and what it took to win that war. He also always expresses his appreciation to those players who portray his unit, and keep the memory of what they did back then alive. He recently received from France their highest award, and you can read about it here.

As Scenario paintball has grown many players have asked for equipment that matches the scenario games they play. Many players take pride in making their own gear for these games. I have seen some awesome gear at the games I have attended.

Many manufactures like Tippmann and Engler Custom Paintball Guns have striven to meet the demand of the players and come up with unique but yet great shooting paintball guns for the players to use for these games.

I would like to know, what is what is scenario paintball to you? I've played countless number of scenario games cross country from World War II to Judge and many others. Do you like movie scenario games, books scenario games (I happen to have love the Lord Of the Rings games that were done a few years ago and who could not have fun at a Holy Grail style game that has sprouted up around the country. I played my first Grail game at EMR Paintball Park in PA.

I look forward to hearing your responses list where you play, what you like and what you play with. Have you made your own gear? Come up with your own custom scenario marker? Or made your own props or equipment? It’s great to see what the players are using to make their games more exciting.


Until next time…


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Paintball DVD Recommendations

Posted by Eric Engler on Tue, Aug 28, 2012 @ 02:53 PM

Paintball Videos

Taking video of people playing paintball is surely not the easiest thing in the world. Many people have tried, but not many have done it well.

There are 3 DVDs of scenario paintball play that have gotten my attention over the years, and I would love to hear your comments. If you have not seen these DVDs then I suggest you watch them.

Listed in order of release date:

Spplat Attack 2002

(Now for rent on Netflix DVD)

Paintball at Challenge Park Xtreme in Joliet, IL on August 31, 2002. (Spplat Attack II was played at EMR Paintball Park on August 31, 2003, but I am unaware of a DVD of that game). SPPLAT Attack I and II were held to raise money for charity. The net proceeds were donated to William Shatner’s charities. Not much to say here other than William Shatner, Eric “Mancow” Muller and Tom Kaye all playing paintball.


Basic Painting (an introduction to scenario paintball at West Point's Spring 2009 Combat Classic)

This is by far the best scenario paintball DVD ever produced. Yes, I’m in it, but that only clouds my judgment a little. This DVD was produced by people who have played the West Point game for years, and took the time to cover it properly like no other producers could. There is hard core play, comedy (safety briefing) and other fantastic play caught on camera. It is available from along with Amazon and many other online paintball stores.

Soldiers of Paint (NYR)

I know this video is not out yet, but for those of us that have seen previews it at Oklahoma D-Day, it is going to be a must see video for all scenario players. Recently completed is "Soldiers of Paint," the documentary feature film about Oklahoma D-Day. This is a very high-quality and well-polished film that has the potential to raise the profile of paintball substantially, but the filmmakers need the help of the paintball community to make the film available on DVD. Check out a very positive review of the film by John Amodea, publisher of PaintballX3 magazine, and flip to page 90.

To learn how you can help get this film out to the world, while seeing an advance clip and reserving your copy of the DVD at the same time, click here.

What did you think of these DVDs? Are there others out there that I have missed? Please post your comments to let me know.

Until next time…




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Paintball: Getting Started

Posted by Jason Lonecke on Wed, Jul 25, 2012 @ 05:48 PM

Our game has come a long way from the days where I started--running through the woods with constantly fogging masks toting plastic pump markers with 10 round tube magazines. Back then in a lot of places paintball was a budding industry. The nearest field was HOURS away, and a day of recreational play required several day’s worth of planning in advance.  Who was making a run to a place that had paint and could fill Co2 tanks? Everyone give them money ASAP so they can pick stuff up. Someone have a broken marker? Who has spare tanks, masks and markers for the friend whose never played before?

While this is still the case in a lot of areas, the game’s become mainstream enough that fields are more common, and vendors who can supply paint and air are less difficult to come by. With that being said, how exactly DO you get started assuming you’ve never played before?

The answer to this depends on who you ask. I’ve played for well over a decade, and the best advice I can offer you is to find a field that is nearby, get a few friends together, and find out of the field has what is called a “Walk on Day” – which is open play for anyone who would like to get in on it. By going to a field you can get into the game by renting everything you need including the marker and goggles. This lets you get some exposure to the game and whatever it has to offer BEFORE you see what type of gear you really want to buy or need.

One of the greatest things about getting started is the wealth of equipment available for beginning players. Tippmann has a hand deep into the rental market with their 98 and 98 custom lines. These markers are solid, simple, and dependable.  Some fields may rent things like ION, but many of the ones I’ve seen are Tippmann markers.

So you’ve survived the first day’s game with the rental marker. You’ve had adrenaline pour through your veins as an opponent tried like hell to color you like a Christmas tree...and you can’t wait to do it again. Congratulations--you’re in the club.

But where to start? What kind of gear should a beginning player look to pick up?

The options are numerous, and often mind boggling depending on the style of play you decide to adopt. Woodsball/MILSIM (Military Simulation), Speedball-type? There are markers that fit each niche of the game. One of my favorite recommendations to make to new players is to pick up a stock Tippmann, either of the A5/X7 line, or the old workhorse the 98 as their first marker purchase. There are a TON of other options, but these two serve the beginner VERY well in their simplicity and durability. The last thing you want to do as a new player is have to spend more time tinkering with your marker than actually playing. The aforementioned Tippmanns will serve you as long as you spend playing if you take the time to maintain it properly. I’ve had 98s working with bits of paintbrush handles to replace lost spring pins. These things just…..well, they just work. Plus, even if you decide to move on from it later on, they make dependable fall-back marker in the event that you have technical difficulties with another one.

As soon as you start up with your new marker, everyone who plays paintball will be making suggestions as to the modifications you should make to your marker. Everything from firepower upgrades to paint jobs. Plug your ears, and get into the field with that marker STOCK. Don’t change a thing yet.

When you come off the field, you’ll have a list of things in your head that you’d like to change. Every player is different, so what works for me and the people I know might not be what you’d like to have on your marker. Spec it to YOUR interests and needs. Many markers offer a wide range of available upgrades, allowing a marker to grow into the game with a player. Here again is where Tippmann shines. Cosmetic and functionality upgrades for their marker lines are impossibly numerous. Stocks, magazine attachments, response and e-triggers, barrels, grips, sights, new triggers….it's all there, for the bulk of their marker line. I know guys who have been playing longer than I have, and still run battered old Tippmanns, modified to keep up with just about anything else that they encounter on the field.

As for the rest of your gear, choose your mask wisely. You may be tempted to shy away from some of the higher priced masks that you can find out there, but remember, you can’t really put a price on safety.  They’ve all got to be QA tested for safety, but some are more comfortable or vent better, both important factors for a wearer.

Air supply is a huge choice to make too. CO2 tanks are cheaper to get initially, but offer less shot consistency than other alternatives for a number of reasons. Do some research before plunging ahead here.

Of course, there are a multitude of places you can go to and get information on everything from your marker to your web belt to what kind of shoes you can wear. One of the best places I’ve seen is the “New Player” section of Tippmann’s own web forum. Users there have been around for ages, and have more information than I can ever hope to know about the game. They’re unbiased too. If they have an experience with one brand over another, they’ll tell you.  If you’re a new player, there’s no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question. Every one of us in the sport wants to see more people joining, playing safely and having fun, and we’re eager to make sure this happens. (After all, more players means more targets!)

Visit the Tippmann forum at with any questions you might have in regards to gear, other player’s first time experiences, and generally a wealth of knowledge about the game and what it has to offer.

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Join Midnight Angel in a paintball conversation

Posted by Antonio Falcon on Fri, Jul 20, 2012 @ 04:56 PM

Welcome to the NEW Tippmann Blog. ;) I am here to provide any assistance needed in the world of paintball; any level accepted. The personal preference of a marker (or two..) is all within the individual.  If one prefers a certain scene of paintball "ENJOY IT!" Every now and then delve into another section, just to get a taste of it. We have Scenario, Speedball, and Woodsball...champions in their own ways.

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