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Tour of Duty 2014 Schedule

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What is The GH TOUR OF DUTY?

In the spirit of maximizing the challenge AND fun factor of playing paintball, Greg Hastings travels the world and attends some of the greatest games and events of our time.  Greg focuses on representing his sponsors and with his unique connection with media, highlights these fields and events, as well as, the teams and players who dare to attend.  Not everyone is ready for this level of fun after all!


Sign up to play with or against Greg at these awesome events in 2014!!

Come get an autograph and a photo! He will NOT shoot you in the staging area!

Everyone who attends these events will get a code for FREE game content in the Greg Hastings Paintball FIELDS OF BATTLE!  EVERYONE! 

Check out Greg’s unique first person view of paintball combat on his YouTube channel.  AMAZING Action from all of his TOD appearances!


MAY 2-4               SUPER GAME 47               Oregon       

THE West Coast paintball event…PERIOD.  No one does it better than Dan Bonebrake.  He puts on the absolute BEST event and that mean HUGE prizes and giveaways, and a fun and organized event that you will not forget.  Get ready to be spoiled to death!  Yeah, they feed you too!!!!!

MAY 16-18          Living Legends 7               Chicago, IL.

Not only is this field legendary, this year will be full of MY paintball hero’s too!  Real Paintball Legends will be EVERYWHERE, plus I hear the after party is quite eye opening!  IM IN!!! You will come home with some incredible autographs and photos too!

MAY 29-31          EURO BIG GAME              Germany   

I just cannot stay away from this event.  It is such an amazing adventure to travel there and play with dozens of nationalities from over Europe, UK, Scandinavia, and MORE!  Look for me to run with the Scottish Warriors again this year!

JUNE 27-29         WESTERN WARS              EMR PA.     

Talk about legendary…If you have never seen the castles and forts at EMR, you are about to be amazed beyond belief! AND…at night you WILL party… and party hard.  I think it’s in the rules or something!! Taking on The WOLF, so come help me battle!


JULY 11-13          Invasion Of Normandy  PA.               

If you want to play at a field that has been around since the beginning of time, well at least the early years of paintball, then Skirmish is it!  Miles and miles of fields, and when they drop the Higgins’ Boat’s doors, you will be shot!!!!  I love to be scared to death! You?


July 25-27     PAINTFEST   Bassett’s Pole, England

The early pioneers of our sport are the founders of this event.  I have been to this field before, but I have not been to PAINTFEST, which I hear….is quite the good time.  Sleep will have to wait!  Come have a pint AND a pod with me!


Aug 8-10      Mirabel Big Game Montreal, Quebec

Parlez-vous français? Not really, but… Mon nom est Greg ! I’ll Try!!!  This will be my first time to this field, so I am very excited to head up the GI Sportz “back yard” and see how they role on the paintball fields of battle!


Oct 11      Battle for North America        Ontario, CA     

Here we go again!!  This is that fun event I always enjoy going to.  Lots of familiar Ontario faces; friends, and fans, so I look forward to taking on BAD REV again this season.  Its OK, join my team and help me defeat that maniac! 


Nov 15/16      TC Mexico    Mexico City

Headed south of the border for this new adventure!  I am soooo happy I love Mexican food and the fun loving people of Mexico!  I better bone up on my Spanish for this one.  How do I say “You’re out sucker!” in Spanish? This may be a fun holiday trip for my North American friends, so book this one and come help me enjoy Mexico City for the week;-)

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